Monday, August 17, 2009

Catching Up:)

It's been so long!
Soon it will be puasa.
Ahh,can slim down.
I miss last year's puasa,
Where all my closes buddies are around me
I miss them very much:(

Well I miss those times,
it was last puasa,
we buka-ed together,

at Las Carretas :)

at Parade:)

time flies.
oh well life's about looking forward :)

i found some free time and
i did some catching up with my dear Cat :)
ahh i miss this lady a lot man!
talk and talk non-stop like there's no tmrw.

we did catch up,n boy tons of stories!
pictures! :) as usual the vain pots :))

haha i like this one!

me trying on cat's anna sui:)

im gonna miss it :(

this is for seriati :)

loving the colour :)

much more on fb.
we should do this more often cat!
thanx for the day!

Meet my new gd buddy,
sharon :)

oh my look like a giant next to her.HAHA.

she's the one with me till night all the time,
thx my dear iloveyou!

Really glad that time is allowing me to get some sleep.

My life's now all about accounting

Someday I'll find my way 'home'

till then,